Global Peace And Humanitarian Awards is presented to honour individuals and organizations in various fields whose exemplary efforts have significantly improved the lives of others and consistently contributed in promoting a culture of Peace and humanitarian services.

This Prestigious awards also seeks to honour those who have demonstrated great courage and creativity in their work with the power to inspire others, the ability to lead, take responsibility and also an incredible integrity in difficult circumstances.


Award recipient should have taken action in one of the following areas below:

  • Health
  • Education
  • Peace Building
  • Disaster Relief
  • Refugee Assistance
  • Human Development
  • Population & Public Policy
  • Sustaining the Environment
  • Equitable Economic Development
  • Assisting Civil Society Organisations


We are a leading international human & social development firms and also a non-governmental organizations with special consultative statues with the UN Ecosoc and also a permanent seat in the United Nations.

Excellence ONE , Visions & Dreams , Universal Peace Federation, Some Rotary International Clubs around the world  in partnership with Global Entrepreneurial Center For Peace & Humanity , Centre For Grassroots Development, Global Forum For Peace Justice &  Human Rights

Together we are proud to bring you the 2021 Global Peace & Humanitarian Awards.


Dinner & Award Venue.
Waldorf Astoria Dubai
International Financial Centre


When we hear about war, we think of something really far away and movie-like. We
might even think it is fun, because we have never experienced one. But war is real and has many, many consequences: people lose their belonging, their families, their lives and everything they know of. Those that survive have to choose between living in fear and suffering because they are surrounded by violence, or abandoning everything that they know, even their families, and risking everything so they can hopefully move to another country. This drama that seems so far away to us is the daily reality of many people in conflict zones.
All in all, conflict and war are both realities that are very painful and complicated for those living in them, and they have terrible, long-lasting effects in the countries where it happens and also in those wanting to help. To stop the difficulties that this people are suffering and prevent further problems, it is important to achieve world peace.
Together lets helps people in emergencies, both in wartime crisis and in areas affected by natural disasters, whilst also focussing on places where it is difficult for people to break out of the vicious circle of poverty without support. Humanitarian assistance to victims across borders.
Together we can began to deal with longer-term problems, such as shortage of safe
drinking water, restricted access to good education, healthcare services, and
environmental degradation.
Humanitarian aid entails speedy intervention to save lives, alleviate suffering and help disaster victims get back on their feet and supporting people in their struggle
to escape poverty and ensure a better future.


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